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I have a book ordered but it has not gotten here yet. Is the choil the same as the plunge cut that forms the ricasso? I bet I have not spelled any of these parts right. You guys may really have your work cut out for you :wink: .

Also, I have found Dr. Jim H's tapes on video, does anyone know if anyone carries them on DVD?

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OK, I got it now. Thanks guys.

I got "The Complete Bladesmith" in today so maybe now I can start to figure some of this stuff out. Years ago, I took a class from Jim Batson and we forged a knife from a file. I wish I had paid more attention in class. It was the first time I ever fired up a forge. I only took it because my husband was taking a carving class at John C. Campbell that week and it was the only thing that looked like fun. At the time, I never deamed I would want to forge another knife. You just never know, do you?

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