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Hey All,

This is a message to introduce my self.

My name is Bart, fourty of age and living in the Netherlands. I've been interested in smithing since I was a boy, because I was living close to the local blacksmith. But because I don't know why, I actually never started smithing. I worked as a shipping engineer and therefore I got familiar with mills, lathes and welding. Last year when I was nosing on the loft of my father in law's workshop I found a forge. When I asked him about it he said he had an anvil as well, and if I was interested we could arrange a smithing corner in his shop. I knew he used to forge in his younger days.

So actually i found a forge, anvil tongs hammers,some space and somebody who could teach me some basics. So I made some nails, hooks, bbq pins, firepokes and a bbq fork. All went well until last June when I got involved in a bike accident and shattered my ankle.No smithing for the time being, but now I've got plenty of time to gather information about smithing, and that's how I found this forum. I must say it is very interesting, and I've found some projects (tooling) to make. So I can't wait 'till Ican start putting load on my ankle. Hopefully that's going to happen by the end of next month. Untill then I'll read abit on this forum, at least a couple of times a week.

Keep your hands dirty!


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Bart, welcome to Iforgeiron!
There's plenty of material to read on IFI........enough to keep you busy until your ankle is healed.
Besides.......there's more new material added every day!
Being a boy near a blacksmith's shop and finding a bunch of smithing tools.....both are fortunate events.

By the way.......we love to see pictures!
If you have any questions,just ask........

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Bart, go to the bottom right of the forum page and click on archive. Then click on a section and then a sub-section. Notice the pages 2,3,4,at the top. After you read the page you are on, read the rest of the pages. We suggest you pack a lunch and a cold drink when you go to the archive. (grin)

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