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New to smithin'

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Hi all,

I just posted this under the "introduce yourself" section but I figured I would repost here for good measure.

I just took a two day workshop with black smith Michael McCarthy in Ames, NY and was totally smitten by the hands of hapheastus. I'm very interesting in learning more, taking classes, maybe even setting up a forge, or exploring apprenticeships. My question is this, I'm going to be moving back to Olympia, Washington in a month or so and was hoping that someone could point me in the direction of a smithy or smithing resources in the surrounding area. I'm totally new to the craft but have a good deal of experience working my hands through various crafts (wood working/primitive skills). Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all, Noah

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Hey welcome to the forum Noah, I'm sure you'll find what your looking for here.

Finding smith's is probably easiest in a phone or address directory.. I'm from england, we have the yellow pages, but i'm sure you have something similar over there.

Good luck and have a good time!

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Welcome aboard Noah. Usually I suggest a person edit their profile to show their location but seeing as you're moving soon I'll skip that part. There're lots of great smiths and a really strong organization in Wa. Look up the NWBA (North West Blacksmith's Association) http://www.blacksmith.org/drupal/

Look up Darryl Nelson, he's in Eatonville, Wa. S.E. of Olympia. Top rate smith and instructor.

Arts Cabins Project - classesandworkshops


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Welcome back to the Northwest. I had the good fortune to work with Darryl Nelson up on Mt. Hood recently, and am taking a class taught by Mark Asperry in November at Darryl's Eatonville forge. Lots going on here, there's even opportunities at Ft. Vancouver. We have our fall workshop this weekend. The NWBA is a good group.

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