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Anvils in Middelburg


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I've been to Middelburg yesterday, and visited Tools and Things.
There is seven anvils in the shop. Two big ones in good condition outside.
24102008_002_.jpg 24102008.jpg
Three smaller ones inside, the very small one in reasonoble condition, the medium size bit battered and the big one,(approx 75kg ) good except for some welding on top.

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And two brand new ones in the front, still covered in paint with the shipping adress of Middelburg Tegnies written on top.
Also some tongs and chisels
As well as some hardie/stake tools, all brand new.
I bought for myself two tongs and hammers, but if you like tools, the shop is a must see.

I am sorry for the picture quality but all I had with me was a cellphone. The boss wasn't there, but the guy I talked to said that the prices on the anvils were highly negotiable, so if you can talk to Oom Willie and explain to him that you really want to use it you can possibly get a good price.

The prices I was quoted for the big anvils were R5000 apiece, the smaller ones from R1000 to R2000 and the new ones R3500.

The tongs were about R100, and the hardie/stake tools R900.

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Hi Jacques

Thanks for the post its allways nice to find new places that sell blacksmith tools, there are not a lot of them around in Sa so if you find any more please dont be shy to share!
Ill be sure to go and have a look at tools and things,

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Middelburg Mpumalanga, Johan, I was there 2 years ago, and bought my cross peen hammer there, 2 pound. Since then I made my own smithing cross peen from an old 4lbs hammerhead, its weight is now exactly 3,5 lbs and it fits me perfectly.
My advise look around go to pawnshops and antique shops, and let as many people as possible know you're looking for balcksmith stuff.

The hunting is as satisfying as the eating,

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Johan that could be a loaded Question :D !
I'm currently in Jhb. and I have a workshop in Fourways(mostly standing but with heaps of kit) if you want to visit give me a shout.
That obviously goes for anyone else out there too........

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