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  1. I recently (LEGALLY ) acquired a load of old railway line. About 3.5 meters of it. Some of it I'll use to make a looooonggg straight flat to straighten billets on before making knives. However, I was wondering if anyone have info on what type of steel I have there? And its properties. I was thinking of using some to try and make a tomahawk head. In fact, I would appreciate info on any scrapyard steels. I.e. old leafsprings? Ballbearings? etc.
  2. I thought welding it destroys the surface hardness?
  3. Which middelburg are we talking about here? :)
  4. Hi Guys, Johan van Niekerk here I'm busy setting up a forge. Basically to do some knife making (And a bit of damascus, and odds and ends). I already make knives the stock removal way, so this is the logical next step. Anyways, I bought a 2nd hand anvil (40kgs) in reasonable condition, and are busy weldng together a firepot based on the dimensions of the centaur firepots. I'll post fotos once the thing gets shape. What I don't know is where on earth do I find decent squarefaced crosspeen hammers in SA???? Or do I have to make my own? If so, do I use 01 or some other tools steel? Do I harde
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