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kaowool or refractory


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I'm still reading around on how to build a forge. I see that some are using refractory cement instead of Kaowool. What is your opinion on this. I am planing on using a steel pipe that is 3/16wall with a 11.25 ID. I have not determined what length Im going to use yet.

Also with the kaowool, I've seen it being sold in 1" thick sheets. Is this enough or should i plan on doubling it.
I plan to run this on propane. I'm not sure what I'm going to be forging yet. I just think trying to build my own forge would be fun and challenging. I'm a pretty good self taught mig welder and fabricator.

Thanks again for the help

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If you have the money then definately go with kaowool, you can double or triple or do as many layers as you have room for, in other words it depends on what you want your inner dia to be, but the more you use the more insilated it will be but 1 or 2" will be fine.
You will need a rigidizer either ITC-100 or similar or fire clay or thin refractory hard face to keep the wool in place as well as protect it.


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