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What are these tongs?


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for a project I need to translate a text that explains different medieval building professions and their tools into English, among them various tongs.

I tried researching the tools online, but with the following tongs I've had my problems.

Can you tell me what these tongs are called, please? It'd be most appreciated!

1) 20240607_160955.thumb.jpg.f48446a2caa87b6f0f7dedb521c4bf4a.jpg

2) 20240607_161247.thumb.jpg.b111def39091d276be8ee673c61be8ac.jpg

3) 20240607_154951.thumb.jpg.dc6ab12f511217265d39e03685302cc4.jpg Don't know if the photo shows this properly, but this last one is for holding something round.

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Smiley, welcome aboard. As customary it has to be said to fill out your header and let us know where you are at in the world. General area is fine but there may be a dozen smiths close that will happily help you out, and give you local contacts.

Those top ones are box jaw tongs. Used for holding square or flat bar stock. Ones for holding flat bar usually do not have 2 "boxes" but 1 box and 1 flat jaw. Doing a search on the internet for "box jaw tongs" or "double box jaw tongs" should get you a load of info. 

The second set is just round jaw tongs. And like the 3rd set used for round stock. 

Number 3 are bolt jaw tongs. 

The first and 3rd i have also heard called goose neck. The bends are so that, for example, if you are making a bolt you can grab the shank of the bolt rather than try and hold it by the head. 

Hope this helps and if i made any mistakes someone should be along to correct me. 

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Welcome aboard from 7500' in SE Wyoming.  Glad to have you.

You may want to look at the selection of tongs offered by various blacksmith/farrier suppliers such as Blacksmiths' Depot or Centaur Forge.

The gooseneck style is a very ancient one going back, at least, to Roman times.  The large tongs found in the Viking Age Mastermyr tool chest are a semi-gooseneck design.

It is worth noting that some tongs, like your box and round tongs are designed to hold a work piece by the end while others, such as flat jaw tongs, may hold the work in any orientation.  The choice depends on what you are doing and what works best for the particular job you are doing.  That is why blacksmiths tend to have a LOT of tongs in their shop and shift between them depending on what they are doing at the moment.  You may use multiple tongs for making a particular object.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Oh, I'm sorry. I hope I've changed my info accordingly now.

Thanks a lot to both of you! Your answers are very helpful!

So I take it that while both no 1 and no 3 can be called gooseneck tongs, only no 3 would be called a bolt tong?

And I understood it correctly that tongs are used mostly for holding and not (with the exception of scrolling tongs) for shaping workpieces, right?

Yes, I've read about the Mastermyr chest. It's a really incredible find!

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