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Hello from a young boy from sweden!


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Hello! Im a son 16 year old boy from Sweden. Have practicing blacksmithing at own hand since im was about 13 years old and build my first forge from scrap. Since then im have built a couple of outdoorforges and worked the mostly of my free time from shool and maked thing to sell on diffrent markets and learned the skill of smithing from my own misstakes. Since a year back have im learned much blacksmithing from a blacksmith hear in sweden named Mats Jonsson. Some videos of him in hes shop can you find on youtube; YouTube - Forging a candleholder in 100 kilo Beche powerhamer YouTube - Mats Jonsson forging a tong.

With the time i have collect tools to findprices little hear and there. And have built a shop in a outhouse at home. Im have now fiwe anvils, two portable forges and one stationary, one post vise, one old drillmachine and a great powerhamer at 50 kilo.

When im in this summer went out the swedish groundshool im decide to take a free year and at fulltime work as blacksmith under this year before later studies (to blacksmith, obvious:D).

My shop!

The forge.





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Nice shop, if you ever travel to New York, be sure to come to the Finger Lakes area, especially in the fall. I will be glad to host a couple of days, and also I am swedish from my fathers side! I loved traveling through your country, and having an authentic smorgasborg!! Welcome aboard!1

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