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Blacksmith songs and music

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I'm starting a new thread so that it can be added to rather than just adding a post regarding shop music.

I have been gathering a list of songs and music featuring blacksmiths and blacksmithing for some time.  The genres vary from folk to classical to heavy metal.  All are available on You Tube.  Please add more.  This is non-exhaustive.

Song/ Piece                                      Artist

Hammer and Anvil                           The Longest Johns

The Blacksmith of Brandywine       The New Christy Minstrels 

The Blacksmith                                 Steelye Span

Vysache Vorpal Blacksmith Song    Japanese Anime

When the Hammer Falls                   Clamavi De Profundus

Bal'Kor the Forgemaster                   Legend Music (instrumental)

Song of Hammerdeep                      Clamavi De Profundus

The Blacksmith Stomp                     Noble Jacks

The Blacksmith Song                       Aspen Forge: Michah (musical version of Longfellow's "The Village Smithy")

The Blacksmith                                 Cruachan

Two Magicians                                  Steelye Span

Anvil Chorus                                      G. Verdi

Polka Francaise Op. 269                  J. Strauss (performed by Andre Rieu at Feuerfest 1996)

Dwarven Forge                                 Clamavi De Profundus 

Hephaistos                                        Napalm Records

Manowar                                           Blackwind, Fire, and Steel

Children of the Smith                       Blind Guardian

Blacksmith's Prayer                         Seth Lakeman

Some of these have been familiar to me for 50+ years and some I just found today.

I don't know how the spacing and blacking is going to come out when I post this but it was nice and square when it left me.


"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

"By hammer and hand all arts do atand."             

PS I hope that there are some new ones here that some folk haven't heard yet.  Enjoy.

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Thanks for the list George. Some I've listened to often but this is the first for many and I really like a couple of the groups. I've been sifting through Noble Jacks, "The Blacksmith Stomp" didn't seem to have much to do with blacksmiths but it was sure a fun piece to listen to, it'd be a blast in concert. 

Clamavi De Profundus has a lot of songs I like too.

Working down your list is a good way to start my day. :)

Frosty The Lucky.

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Yeah, some of the heavy metal ones where the lyrics are shouted rather than sung leave me pretty cold but I know that some folk enjoy that style although I, personally, can't fathom why.  Some of the Steelye Span ones can give me a ear worm since I have been familiar with them for most of my life.


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I'm a big fan of Steeleye Span as well.  Of course, the traditional song/jig "The Blacksmith" that they do has been recorded by a great many artists (it's a fairly popular Irish music staple), but I heard it from them first.  There are a couple of other blacksmith themed instrumental Irish tunes as well including: "The Merry Blacksmith" and "The Blacksmith/Blacksmith's/Blacksmith's Daughter", both reels.  I also don't usually care for lyric screaming, but each to their own.

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Also loved her in the Silly Sister's group.  Look them up if you don't know them.  Actually also saw Judy a year ago.  She certainly still has the charisma, but that polished voice from the 70's isn't quite there.

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Given the fact that Judy is 84 the abilty to still sing at that level is fairly amazing.  The voice is huskier than 50-60 years ago and I am sure some of the high notes are gone but it is still lovely.  There was a time when I had a serious "thing" for her.  She is originally from Denver and a friend of a friend knew her.  By all reports she was/is a genuinely nice person and in no way is a diva.


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