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I Forge Iron

Sears,Roebuck. Fall 1909

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The $39.90 set of Blacksmith's Tool's, you get the anvil,cutting nippers,forge,drill,vice,apron,farriers knife,farriers hammer, hand hammer,horse rasp,hot cutter,flat lip tongs,bolt tongs and drill bits 3/16-1/2 also theres a Tap set with a #10 tap wrench.
Funny the $52.95 set you don't get a forge you get a Tiger 20th century Blower on the other it's a forge with a built on blower, it alone cost $15.85 or $8.75.
I really can't tell which one it is it's black & white pictures, they have hoods on them and a handle you pull down that runs your blower kind'a looks like the wheel on the old foot power'd sewing machines which I was thinking about to run mine but I thought it would be to much trouble to put all together.

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czbohunk, where did you see that? Is it a reprint in a book? I think that I just read the same thing in one of my books, not long ago. It sure is interesting, though.

A very small book with very small letters, it also has all the tools you need hardys,swage blocks,tuyere's and hammers cool stuff.
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