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finishing solution questions


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Hello everyone. I need some help with my finishings. I need to know when to apply the finish. Do I heat the piece up after it has been quenched and tempered? Wont that destroy the temper? I have obtained a nice finish (brownish in color)by heating an un tempered piece and applying motor oil. Will the color of hydrogen peroxide be different? Thanks for your help.

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i dont know the answer to your questions. but i have soaked a project in a copper sulfate solution for about six hours and it gave it a rusted finish but it sorta rubbs off. copper sulfate is used to melt ice i have heard and it is blue and looks like small crystals.

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Plumb brown finish and other similar finishes have been used on guns for a couple of hundred years. Essentially it is a controlled rust finish. Look on some of the Blackpoweder sights for recipies. I have helped a friend formulate a number of finishes for damascus shotgun barrels. Most required two different acids, a couple of metal oxides, and a very dilute solution applied over a period of weeks with intermitant carding(brushing with a stiff bristle bursh) . After a period of weeks the result was a beautiful finish maintained with linseed oil.

Not what I like on a knife but beautiful on a 19 th century shot gun,

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