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  1. try using some cooper sulfate solution. just dump some in a cantainer then put in the peice and let it sit. i let mine site for six hours or so. i dont know where you would get it i tryed mine with my chemestry teacher at school. good luck
  2. I use spray paint, bees wax, and used motar oils to color my metal. I am just looking for a good brand of patinas to use or anything. I usally work with mild steel if that makes a difference.
  3. i dont know the answer to your questions. but i have soaked a project in a copper sulfate solution for about six hours and it gave it a rusted finish but it sorta rubbs off. copper sulfate is used to melt ice i have heard and it is blue and looks like small crystals.
  4. you should consider your power hammer or if you will get one. Because it could crack the cement under it so you might want to pour that part deeper then the rest.
  5. hey everyone I am doing a visual aid speech in school (I am a junior). And I am doing my speech on Damascus and im having a hard time finding the very last step the finishing so any advise or pictures would be nice.
  6. thanks for that tip Solvarr. i think i might try it
  7. Maisch


    Hi I am new here. I was wondering how meny of all of you do blacksmithing for a living? I woukd like to but I don't know if There is enough money to support a family? So if any one could give me a tip or two on keeping shop that would be nice.
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