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Barbed Arrowhead

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draw out the bar into a triangle (i would make a square point then flatten it, but there are alot of ways to make the triangle) then cut out the barbs with either a hot or cold chisel. you can tweak the posistion a little after the cut to get it just right and if you want more mass than that gives you, faggot weld it first or take a larger stock and draw out the shaft.

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I am not planning to make them. I am interested on the old technique. These arrowheads were made by a Maasai blacksmith. It seems to me that there are to much material on the intersecction of the shaft and the blades. The barbes also seem to be far behind the point.

I thought they were made by forge welding or forging an inverted triangle, folded back, forge weld and cut the barbes.

Thanks for you help...

Best regards


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