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Question from a friend of mine.

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I was talking, with a friend of mine, about being just that much closer to having a hobby forge up and running. He asked me how hot the fire gets. I had to kind of give him the deer in the headlights look:confused:. I just told him that I forged more by watching the steel than by knowing the temp my fire was at. I'm just a novice, haven't had the opportunity to work at the anvil nearly as much as I would like, in the past few years. I am, however, taking steps to remedy that.

So, anyone able to shed some light on my friend's question? I told him I'd ask you fine folks.

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"Deer in the headlights", I like that answer. I usually give them the shamanistic ritual thing about a rabbit's skate burns at so many degrees, a deer's skate burns at so many degrees and for forge welding a toads skate will take flame at this temperature. I think the color chart is more accurate though. Usually folk just walk away from me shaking their heads wondering if I have been licking the toad.:p

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