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BP0115 is intriguing

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Good morning all

I came to this forum looking for help on coal forge design. While in the BLs I found reverence to BPs. In the BPs I found 0-100, 100-200, and > 1000, where are the 200,300,400.... In BP200 I read that to access other BP one needed to register. Is signing up for this forum and registering for this site two different functions?

The forge design in BP0115 is intriguing; what part is made from a semi-tractor 5th wheel?

Finally, is there a way to view new posts? Posts submitted since I last logged on the the forum? *edit, oops found "new posts"

I know -no dinner, no drinks :rolleyes: -tks grant

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The IForgeIron.com > Lessons in metalworking > Blacksmithing > LB0003.0001 Blacksmithing Forges, LB0003.0002 Coal Forges, and LB0003.0003 Gas Forges are being created and updated. The blueprints section is being updated and those blueprints above 200 are off line during the process.

BP0115 is a forge fire pot made from the top of an oxygen bottle. There have been forges made from the brake drums of a semi-truck, but many folks find them too large and too deep to be useful. They then cut slots into the sides to access the fire at a more useful level.

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Howdy Grant, The oxy-bottle top is a fine firepot, if you have the means to drill a hole through it to get a pipe and clinker-breaker to fit in. I do them in a vertical knee mill, a drill press could be used if it will slow down to low enough rpm's to not kill a holesaw. I see a lot of newer drill presses where the slowest speed is 800 rpms, the manufacturers can't seem to get the idea that you can get a whole lot of work done between 80-200 rpms. Welcome to the forum. Ask any questions you want. Please put your location in your intro, if you are close by, I'd be happy to help you. If not, you are most likely close by to somebody else that would like to see this trade grow, and you can pass on your knowledge to the next guy..

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