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A couple for the Blade West show...

Ed Caffrey

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I'll be heading for Oregon on Thursday morning for Blade Show West, taking place the 26th-28th. Here's a couple I finished up yesterday for the show.

-The Bowie is 10" blade of Mosaic Damascus, with blued mild steel guard, textured mild steel spacer, and carved/textured Desert Ironwood handle.

-The Folders is based on my latest design called the "Sonue". Mosaic Damascus blade and dovetailed bolsters, fossil walrus ivory scales, textured/anodized titanium liners, and textered/18k gold plated back spacer and screws, finished off with dual anodized titanium thumb studs.



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you blades are truly beautiful to look at. If I may ask a question of your damascus (please don't hate me or ban me from the forum forever after:( ) do you make all your own patterns? I have always been amazed and extremely impressed by your skills.

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Yes, I make all my own Damascus. I'm pretty fanatical about sole authorship, and if I don't do everything, then I would feel guilty about putting my name on it.

Thats the neat thing about Mosaic Damascus...its nearly impossible to achieve the exact same pattern in any two billets, even it your trying to do it. Most folks who make it can get it close enough that you can identify it as basically the same pattern, but the subtle differences is what makes each piece unique.

Besides, where else can a guy play in fire all day long, and not get in trouble for it! :)

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