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First RR spike knife


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This is the first railroad spike knife I've made. I put about 2.5 twists into the handle, then ground the blade to look like a small bowie knife. I used a 120 grit belt to grind the blade, and am looking into getting finer grit belts. I ground the butt end of the knife to give a contrast between the dark handle and the bright blade. The person I was making this for was in a rush, so I wasn't able to completely grind one side of the blade as well as I'd have liked. But it still came out nice.

bsfknife52.jpg a

bsfknife53.jpg a

bsfknife54.jpg a

bsfknife55.jpg a

Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome.

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I didn't use any special tool besides a set of tongs and a hammer, although I did use a large set of pliers to do the twist. All I have is lightweight tongs that I actually broke my last time out at the forge. I held the spike in a small vise to twist it. The spike I had was very rusty to start, does anyone think that starting out with a cleaner, or even pre-ground spike make the handle more attractive?

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Well, In my experience, rust melts at about a thousand degrees or so, and becomes a hematite red stain that can be difficult to remove, although it doesnt always show up. I left the rust on the handle of my railroad spike knife, but youd never notice.

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