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I need Help identifying my anvil.

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Hi I recently bought an old anvil but I am unsure of the brand. I tried searching the net for any imformation about it but I did not have much luck.
So I thought that y'all might be able to help.well here go's.on the waist under the heel it is marked with a symbal that looks like either a "V" or an inverted
triangle.right next to that mark is the weight which says "71" I weighed it on my scale and that is the correct weight.The mark and the weight are raised
and not stamped I have been told that means that it was cast.there is also
1 hole in each foot for mounting it.other than this I do not know much about it the man that I bought it from said that it came from a school.by the way the anvil has great rebound I droped a large ball bearing on it from about 1 foot and it rebounded about 95%.
Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi I remembered today that the anvil also has a rectangular shaped depression between the front feet I am guessing that it is about 3'' long.
it also has another depression right above the one that I just wrote about but it is shaped differantly and is smaller(about 2'').
any help would be great.

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