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Welcome to the forum!
I made a header for round nails. I started with a 3/8" thick piece of steel, and driller round holes in it for the size of nails I wanted. Then I took round tapers that I used to taper the "bottom" side of the holes to give them clearance leaving just the "top" of the hole to form the head with. I asked the same question once and this is what the guys told me to do

Here is a blueprint from Iforge over on the anvilfire site, of a little more fancy one.

Link removed at the request of Jock at Anvilfire

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I went back and looked at those. You're right, the holes ARE square. Looks like these are what I'm looking for. Also, I knew about the plans for a header on Anvilfire, but the thing that keeps me from building that one is the $62 + shipping I would have to spend to order a square punch. Thans for the info,guys. I think you've gotten me what I need.

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Levi: I made a square drift out of some rebar. I drilled a hole in a piece of 1/4x1" and drifted the hole to just about the size that most of my nails are. Nice thng about the drift is that it is tapered and makes the bottom hole larger than the top hole (like in the anvilfire demo). I think the 2' piece of 1/4" rebar cost about $1 and the 1/4" strip was a piece of scrap.

If you can make a nail you can make the drift. If you can use a drill press and drive a nail, you can make the header tool.

Good luck!!

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