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New Tongs

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Those are cool. Theres something very satisfying about making tongs.

Ive made several pair for myself with a similar jaw design for gripping flat stock. You can leave more material for the bit and make it wider to give more stability to the grip but I havent found it necessary.

Just a thought but you might want to heat the handles behind the hinge, bend them out a bit and then bend them back a little further along. This would allow the tongs to close without the round stock handles trying to climb over each other. Everyone has his own preferences with tongs.

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I have some of Glen's tongs also and have been using them for about two years. These are a bit different. They grip the stock along the side of the tong ends instead of between them. The grip jaws are offset. This gives more options on how far up you grip the stock. It seems to offer a more firm grip.

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