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Gustav hurricane victims

Thomas Dean

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There are most likely a bunch of our kind going to be hit in the next several hours along the Gulf Coast by Gustav. We are 4-5 hours north of the Houston area and they are saying we will get 50-60mph winds along with possible 20+inches of rain. Several of the evacuation centers set up here are already full. We have gotten extra containers of gas for the welder/genarator, in case of the power outages predicted and gas for the chiansaw, just in case. 3 men from our church are being deployed in a couple days with our Southern Baptist of Texas Convention Disaster Relief Chainsaw trailer to the coast. Please pray for their safety also. They are part of our chainsaw crew of which I am a member also. Just can't make this trip. I know you guys out there are a praying bunch and we appreciate it greatly! Thanks.

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You guys be careful and stay hunkered down. My wife's brother is in Vinton as one of the emergency team workers and we are waiting to hear from him. My other sister-in-law and her kin are in Mobile - she stayed to continue broadcasting messages on the local radio. Lots of people will be affected, even though it looks like most evacuated this time.

Let us know how it goes...Hollis

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Well, looks as if Gustav is gone. I dumped out only 1.2" of 'mist & drizzle' today, that's about all it did....all day long...mist & drizzle. NOT complaining mind you, actually Thanking and PRAISING GOD. Much better than the 20-24" that was predicted over the weekend. Thanks for the prayers. Still a bunch of folks on the coast that are suffering tho. Remember them as you pray.

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