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Getting started with casting.

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I'm wanting to get started with casting. There's a lot of information about forging here but, I haven't seen much about casting. I'm mainly just looking for a set up to melt copper,aluminium and such. I've done quite a bit of my own research,but I would like to get some more information from people rather than youtube, or articles.

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I have the same problem when reading off of screens. It's much easier reading off paper.. I think I might kill a few trees trying to print out all the content on IFI so I make do.

What sort of things are you interested in casting? What got you interested? Out of curiosity, are there any casting classes in your area where you could learn the basics before diving in head first?

Molten metal can be extremely dangerous. Much more dangerous than blacksmithing an many ways.. If you see safely warnings over in that section then try not to scan over them!

By the way, unless there's a specific line you're responding to there is really no need to quote me if my comment is the one just before. It just clutters things up and makes people read the same thing twice (see the read this first link above). For a trimmed quote you can highlight the line you're looking to respond to and then click the little quote button appears.

No hard feelings, it's just a best practices sort of thing.

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Frazer  Sorry I'm horrible when  it comes to forums I know this is wayyyy late . I already bought a devil forge furnace (their smaller variant). I didn't really want to build once since, I didn't want some poorly constructed propane fire pit. I have a habit of messing things up when I build them.  I am well aware of the safety risks that comes with casting. Molten metal is no joke, regardless of the context(rather it's a weld pool or a full crucible). I really want to cast some cookware unironically(out of cast AL). Obviously, I won't being doing that off the bat. I   

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