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Trying to ID this anvil in France

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Hey just picked this up the other day, it's a 4 foot, body is cast with a hardened face, 135kg, 85cm length. I can't really make out the markings, other than the weight. Looks like maybe an "A F" in the bottom portion of the circle mark. Definitely something between that and the weight too. If anyone has encountered one like this or has any info please chime in!






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Yup; a UAF anvil. Looks like the 150 kilo model tough. Good steel; one piece cast steel. Very versatile anvils; the round horn gives you pretty much any size of round to hammer on. The hardy hole is something you need to get used to; and make your own tooling for; as stock tooling wont work. You'll also need a soft iron punch to extract the tools. The edges on this one seem very good; almost new. Remember, this is not the anvil to have the apprentice whale on with a 10 pound sledge. 

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