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Anvil Identification

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If you, yourself,  can pick it up; it can be weighed on a common bathroom scale.

For ID wire brush the sides and look for stampings. Also wire brush the front of the foot underneath the horn as there may be numbers stamped there.

Pictures of the side of the anvil, underneath the horn and heel and under the base of the anvil. (Read this Now covers how to post photos on here; IIRC.)

As for worth: over 100 different countries participate on these forums on the World Wide Web; prices will differ depending on where you are at.  Anvils in England are cheaper than anvils in Australia for instance. Shoot the prices of anvils differ depending on where you are in the USA and it's the same country!  A good picture of the face will help in putting a price on it---often given here in the USA as "Dollars per Pound" to make comparing anvils and prices easier.  (Do be careful when you are reading that folks are not using Canadian dollars or Australian dollars or Singapore dollars and you are thinking American dollars...)

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On 2/21/2021 at 3:36 PM, P j principe said:

also a email that I can picture to

Putting an email address on the open forum is highly discouraged due to spammers. Attaching pictures is easy. If you look down in the edit window, you will see the paper clip with Drag files here to attach, or choose files...  you go to where your pictures are stored and can upload them to attach to your post.

The value of an anvil depends upon where in the world it's located, the physical condition (hence the need for good pictures), the results of a ring & rebound test along with the brand (maker if available). A Hay Budden is worth more than say a Vulcan.

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