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Big Fudge

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Hello I recently built a new Venturi forge burner due to my old one being unreliable and kinda trashy. The burner works amazing outside of the forge I’ve got a nice strong blue flame with little excess but the moment I put it in the forge I lose that flame and it just starts shooting yellow flames out the side like I’m getting no oxygen. Is it my forge or something with my burner? I will upload some pictures if needed but any basic tips or tricks to play around with would be incredibly helpful

thanks guys

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Hi Big Fudge,  Welcome to IFI.

Your going to have to help us help you. For a start, we need way more info:

1. Where are you in the world? (add your location in your profile, as the advice you are given can be dependant on the laws, materials, etc. where you live).

2. As getting a Forge and Burner to work in harmony is about the right balance of so many variables, we need detailed descriptions of your Forge construction. eg. internal dimensions, insulation materials, lining materials, size of openings, etc.  We also need detailed info about your burner. eg. size and length of mixing tube, size of gas jet, etc.

3. We absolutely need pictures of the burner, running in and out of the forge, as well as pictures of inside the forge, looking at the burner exit, just after it has been lit, as well as a short, small-sized video clip that shows the flame behaviour inside the forge just after having been lit.

There are very experienced guys on the forum who can help to diagnose your issue, but they haven't a chance without you posting up the info I've suggested. So get that info posted and we can start to get you sorted.




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