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Buying a new anvil


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Looking to buy a new anvil. Kinda stuck on a Holland or a Hoffman. Would there be any reason not to go with a larger anviL if you have the means to do so. I’m hung between the Holland 260lb or the 440lb. Any disadvantage of the larger anvil. I do have a forklift to move it around. Also looking at the Hoffman 325lb. Any other recomendations. Is bigger always better? Probably gonna mostly be making hammers and axes? Any help would be appreciated

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only disadvantage is price and moving it.. But if you have a spot for the 440 and you KNOW you won't be moving it at least not too often, id get the 440.


Even 260s suck to move but thats doable with two people, or one person set up to move anvils.  If you have the forklift and the means, buy it.

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