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Forge not hot enough


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So I am having issues with my forge

It says I should be getting 2300+ temperature but I have only been getting around 1700-1800. I'm still relatively new to blacksmithing and it wasn't effecting me too much since I was only working on mild steel, which would work cold anyway. I want to start trying out new techniques like forge welding and carbon steels, so I want to know if anyone has ideas as to why its not hot enough? (I'm going to try messing with pressures this weekend, I think mine will work better with lower pressures)
Here are some images of my current setup (also yes, I am going to apply a new coat as soon as the mix arrives)





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Could be your propane tank. That will have a safety valve in the shutoff preventing too much gas being released when opening the valve or in case of a bad leak in the hose. Try opening it slowly to prevent the safety from engaging. Did the regulator come with the forge and what is it's pressure rating?

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The photos show that your your forge is generating plenty of heat, and also why it isn't staying where you want it. You need to do a little more work on that pile of brick. Turn it into a baffle wall. There are other moves you can make, but that one will take mere seconds.

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