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Scale/Decarburization reduction in electric forge

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Hello! I am using a homemade electric kiln(with refractory bricks) to do some light forging and heat treatment of some parts.

The main steel I am using is similar to O1. However the parts out of the oven come with some grey/graphite looking scales, which I think might be decarburization. This (I think there might be some other issues with my process) reduce the surface hardness, making it harder to check with a file, and also introduce significant pitting, especially when forging, where i have to keep the part heated up for extended periods of time.

Do you have any advice for reducing the oxidation? What is the simplest/cheapest method(I do not have an argon cylinder). Will borax help? Thanks for your input.

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You could maybe bury it in a box of charcoal. Perhaps a good amount of charcoal in the kiln would scavenge some of the oxygen and help with the atmosphere inside the kiln. I'm kinda just spitballing. As the day goes on some other folks will have some advice I'm sure. 


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