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Help guessing weight


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Is 21" long the entire length or the face length? Lots of anvils get "nose jobs" over the years...length of face usually stays constant baring loss of heel.

I have a PW stamped as 114 pounds, (1 0 2 in CWT) The face+ horn and cutting step is 23.875" long and height is 9.375 (Face 15.125"; H+CS 8.75")

So I'd guess it was close to 100 pounds on the low side or about US$4.5 per pound. You are in a fairly anvil rich area so not an outrageous deal either way.

Look for the CWT weight stamping under the Name stamp---usually around where the waist is. (And remember to do the ring and ball bearing test before buying *ANY* anvil!)

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Looks like 0 3 16 which would be 100 pounds on the dot.  (Down near the bottom of the picture with the numbers spaced apart like was done on CWT marked anvils)

Note when weighed on modern scales old anvils often "shed a few pounds"---but not enough to matter---Just enough to pay for lunch if you are buying by the pound...

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Yes; good anvils at decent prices usually have a deal half life of Minutes these days.  Why you need to learn how to evaluate an anvil on your own and make instant decisions.  Anyway it gives you a chance to fire up the TPAAAT and try to find another nice one for an even better price!  Online anvils tend to sell high compared to "found offline" anvils. (Also know the difference between weight stampings; the difference between 232 and 2  3  2 can be a  bit of cash when priced per pound! (232# vs 282# at US$4 a pound that's $200 difference!)

I sold a 248# (stamped weight) Peter Wright for US$4 a pound last month here in NM.  When folks kept asking me if that was a firm price I told them I'd be happy to increase it for them!

Were you able to see the 0  3  16 in that picture?  I was adjusting the angle of my laptop's screen and it popped out at me.  Also review the improvised anvils thread.  No need to pay big bucks on a London Pattern to get started!



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