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jeremy k

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Hello Everyone,
Just thought that I'd start chat thread being no one else has by now. I would have thought this would have been started as soon as the chat was down as a running chat thread has been started for other sites to use when there site was down.
Anyway - I had a good day today - demoed at at a local This Old Farm Show Days today. I was demoing making square nails and some simple scroll hooks and loops. The day was perfect - not to hot and a slight breeze. I talked with a few old friends I seen there and also met some new people. One being a future client, now they were looking at my pictures and samples as I came up to the table, then they saw my card. - The people looking at my samples ended up wanting some metalwork done and it ended up being the neighbors I haven't met yet that bought the lot next to me last year. What a surprise that was to both of us.
I hope everyone is doing well and getting some forging in, I'll be demoing again tomorrow. Good fun was had by all today at the show days. - JK

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I spent my day driving across the state to pick up a 2x3 forge complete with blower. Only thing missing is the tube between the blower and fire pot. Nine hours on the road (including detours) with stops for my ragged old back. Well worth the trip. Met another blacksmith who is director of the Fox Lake Historical Society's RR Depot Museum. Great guy!

The trip was well worth every minute (and the cost of gas) as well as teh cost of the forge.


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Roy - the other guy that was helping demo today made a split cross from welded cable - we split it and opened it up last week during the demo at our local fair - it looked real cool - looked like real wood with the cable pattern after it was cleaned up and etched.

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