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Felling Ax Butterfly/bowtie preform Video series

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So this is going to be a combo thread..   I started a felling ax 2 years ago at a demonstration..  I have posted photos to another thread, but this will be the dedicated video thread. 

The Felling ax is mild steel with 5160 cutting edge.  I was shooting for a heavier ax but the weight at just shy of 4lbs swings really nicely..  Of note it has a cutting edge forwards design on purpose..  I am lazy and only like to make axes for my own use every 5 or so years if there is ample need for them.. Sadly or gladly with the School taking out all the trees there really is not a need for a larger felling ax now..  LOL.. 

Well, unless I enter a chopping competition.. :) 


These are the photos of the event originally. 

And them a few years later I started back in on it. 










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If your curious you can check it out.  It's short so can be watched in a few minutes.. 

The video won't cover handling and not sure how far into heat treatment will get..  

I've been trying to limit length to about 20minutes or at least with each cycle or each days work.    Took 6 days of filming as I only had about 1 hr per day for forge work working on the axe. 


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Not to bad and short enough for a quick peek.. 

The full edit of part 6 is done.   Sadly I had to do it 2X..  Turns out there was a rouge piece of footage that was at the bottom of the edit window I did not see..  I watched the first 10 minites and thought it was all set before I hit the film button which does the final processing. 

I had to open it again and delete the footage as it overlayed the edited video with unedited content..   

Here it is..  

Part 6  Felling Axe.


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