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It's been a while since I have shared anything with y'all so I thought I'd post some pics of a few pieces I finished up recently.

This first one is an interesting little EDC/Utility knife made for someone who had very specific design requests.  The overall shape may not be everybody's cup of tea, but after sending several sketches back and forth, this is what they really wanted.  In the end they were thrilled.

The blade is san-mai with 304SS over W1.  The bolsters are nickel silver, and the wood is from a piece of spalted persimmon that the customer provided that I then stabilized.


The next is a mosaic chef's knife.  The blade is 10" long, 2.25" high at the heel, and made from 15N20 and 1084.  The handle material is from a very old hickory tree on the customer's family farm.  He brought me a board from a limb of the tree.  (The board was a 2"x8" that was several feet long so it must be quite a tree!)  I managed to find some interesting scale material in a crotch section that I then stabilized.


The last piece is just an art piece I did for giggles.  It is sort of a miniature Viking era sword.  The blade is made from a go-mai billet with cable on the outside surfaces to sort of mimic the look of wrought iron.  The fittings were my first attempts at investment casting bronze.




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