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I Forge Iron

My attempt with gas.


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So I looked around a lot before making this and getting the frame done finally yesterday.  Frosty T burner was finished some time last week.  It's a start.  I did a JABOD too and really only fired it up one day.  It will also work fine, but I'm a work in progress for patience and knew I'd eventually get to gas.  





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The forge interior is orange; a very promising sign. Your next step should be a nice heat" reflecting" coating; this can be as inexpensive as Plistex, or one of the costlier homemade coatings you can find on this site. A good coating should improve your next interior photo to yellow hot; saving you lots of fuel bucks. snfand pounding time.

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Thanks Pnut.  I don't think I'll get t o fire it up before Friday.  Possibly tomorrow if I get off early enough.  I have some tong blanks sitting at the post office - finally. Took 13 days to get from Ken's in Minnesota to my post office in Ohio.  Not Ken's fault - they had them out the next day.  So I might get those turned out tomorrow afternoon.

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