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Hello From NM (Wish I was in AK)

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Welcome to the land of the South West Artist Blacksmiths, AKA SWABA; check out our website: swaba.abana-chapter.com

You just missed our August meeting but we have a lot going on this Fall. We will be demo'ing at the NM State Fair for the complete fair; should be set up on the treelined street leading up to the Ag barns. We'd love to have you stop by and introduce yourself; shoot we'd love to have you grab a hammer and demo!

Then there is our October Meeting.

In November there is a small demo at The Festival of the Cranes at the Bosque del Apache Wildlife refuge

and our December meeting is at Rob Gunters blacksmithing school in Moriarity.

You're welcome to drive 1 hour south on I25 to visit my forge in Lemitar NM, (just north of Socorro). In fact I will be marooned at home this weekend and hope to spend quite a bit of time forging...PM me if you want to visit and I'll send directions.

CraigsList for Albuquerque has had 2 anvils and post vises in it recently; one set reasonably priced and the others way expensive. (I bought the cheap post vise) It's not real common to see smithing tools there but it's a good place to keep an eye on...

Thomas Powers
Vise President of SWABA (still waiting for them to *give* me the Vise that must go with the job, right?)

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! What ThomaPowers said! Wife and I will be out there from 9-5 thru 9-13 to visit with our kids and GRANDSON!! I plan to be at the fair a couple of days during that time to demo with them. SWABA is a great bunch of folks, very friendly and willing to help you. I demoed with them at the '05 fair and also attended one of their meetings in '06. I HIGHLY recommend joining this group, you won't be sorry. They also have an open forge the 1st Wed. of each month in ALB and I think one other on a different week in Mountain View. Check their web site to be sure of the #2 open forge. I have been to the one in Alb. a couple of times. You get hands on time with a great smith.
Oh yeah, if you head out to Thomas' place this weekend, just be careful.;) TP, you still got them anvils in your beard?
Once again, welcome.

Check your Private Messages, sent one to ya a couple days ago...

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