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Trench+Blow Dryer?


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Hello, I've been thinking of getting into blacksmithing and I have been doing some reasearch. I don't have a budget to speak of, so I was looking on homemade forges. One place said you could get a hot enough coal forge by digging a trench, filling it with coal and blowing into it with a blow dryer. Will this work? Just looking for another opinion.

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They did just that with charcoal, then coal, for hundreds of years.  They then got smart and raised it to a convenient height, put it on a table, and avoid having to squat in front of the fire.

You may want to read the section on forges Forges  and particularly the one on solid fuels  Solid Fuel Forges.

The JABOD just a box of dirt goes into detail on simple, and cheap forges.

READ THIS FIRST  understand the site, and adding your location to your profile, click on your name top right, will help you better replies to your questions, and maybe locate blacksmiths in your area.

Welcome to the site.

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A blow drier generally puts out too much air for a forge---especially for a charcoal fueled forge.  Make sure you have a way of controlling the blast! If you use a steel pipe for the tuyere, make sure it's not galvanized.   

If you are in the USA, this is the time of year to find junked gas grills, (saw several in the free section of CL last week for example), a junked propane grill can be easily converted into a JABOD forge that even has a lid to keep the weather out when done for the day.


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