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Craigslist forge gas consumption


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Hi. I saw the following gas forge selling on craigslist:

Propane Blacksmith's Forge

The two venturi burners and excellent insullation allow for good adjustablility of the forge temperature and are powerfull enoughto bring this forge to welding heat. At forging temperature this forge will burn approximately 2 lbs of propane per hour.
Interior Dimensions ( width x depth x height ): 9-3/8

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It's hard to say, there's variation even between burners made the same. All of mine run slightly differently.

Still, 2lbs of propane is about 1/2gl and pretty unlikely. Probably a typo or perhaps the guy doesn't know the difference.

If it's well enough insulated and the guy hit the burner construction on the nose it isn't out of the question to get 2gph.


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My pleasure.

I don't know about M-board, never used it. Still, inch for inch it's supposedly about 85-90% as efficient as Kaowool so unless there is more than 2" it won't be as efficient.

A single 3/4" burner will freeze a 20lb tank in a few hours let alone a pair. You'll either need a larger tank, 40lb for portable or 100lb for base, OR you'll have to keep the 20lb in the slack tub.

It's always good to have as many surprises covered as possible. Even so there's always something to trip you up. Keeps it interesting.


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