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Melting down to make copper ingots.

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Setting a copper furnace, after the smelting process and having continuously remove the slag from the top of the furnace. While the molten copper pours into the ingot casts, water is sprayed on them too have them rapidly cooled. When the ingots pour out, they are again set straight into a mix of bath water and yet the final product still does not have that copper shine and mostly have the addition of inclusions or slag on them causing them to turn darker and black.

What is a way around this ?

i hope someone could help on the matter.

Thank you  

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Welcome aboard Faisal, glad to have you. If you put your general location in the header a member who knows how to cast copper may live within visiting distance and be willing to show you how. Hmmm?

One mistake you're making is scraping the slag off repeatedly, that just exposes fresh melt to contaminants. Leave it alone until just before you pour, that's AFTER you degas. Are you fluxing the crucible? With what? 

Frosty The Lucky.

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