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Anvil identification

Casper S

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Hi out there 


I was lucky to pick up a nice looking anvil at a fair price the other day. But I’m having trouble identifying the manufacturer.

Im located in Denmark. The anvils we see the most often here is Kohlswa, soderfors, and a variety of German manufacturers.  


It is marked 1913 and 98kg. There are no other markings.

It has handling holes in both ends and a round small hole in the Center of the bottom

At first glance it resembles a Soderfors, but in that case it would have been marked differently judging by the look of all other soderfors anvils i have seen. 

Any in here who can help me on identifying this beauty? 

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Soderfors cast anvils going all over the world and marked as the retailer wished. It looks like a Soderfors to me but might not be. Will a file skate on the face? A new sharp file shouldn't do more than take rust or dirt off the face of a Soderfors. 

It looks to be in excellent condition only very minor edge chipping. Have you done a rebound test? Drop a ball bearing on the face and estimate how far it bounces back as a %. Soderfors tend to have about 95% rebound over the center of the face, the farther you test towards the heal or horn the more it falls off.

Frosty The Lucky.

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The file skates on the face nicely.

Rebound is good, have uploaded a YouTube video of the anvil. Face is lightly pitted so rebound might be reduced a bit due to this.

Another thing that separates this one from a soderfors is the chamfer from the bench to the face. 



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