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  1. I would also love to now how the anvil is holding up after so much time
  2. What a crazy nice anvil I would love to have that thing regardless of brand!
  3. Roger that Glenn I’m the only one I know that is into smithing and I’m just happy I know have knowledgeable people to bounce ideas and questions with
  4. Thank you you have been very informative and I will definitely take your advice. I’m still very new to the practice of smithing but I’m getting more into it by the minute
  5. I’m in Southeast Tx and I’m definitely one of those people who have been brainwashed about what a anvil should look like. It also looks like I’m paying the price now with the purchase of the ASO, hopefully it will be learning experience that I won’t forget
  6. I got it for $200 cause I was really desperate for a real anvil and the sparks were very small and did branch out from what I could see
  7. It did a lot of very small sparks that didn’t seem very complex that’s what was kind of making me nervous about the purchase
  8. I’ve only seen one other on the internet and it was a guy asking to Id his SAME exact anvil as well. It is a 70lb anvil with a C On the side. It is NOT a “C” inside of a triangle though! I have had numerous people on Facebook tell me they think it’s this or that and I have searched every anvil brand imaginable that starts with a C. I have seen at least two other people with the exact anvil looking to iD theirs as well?
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