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I Forge Iron


Eric Grubb

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Good Morning, Eric

Welcome to the Forum. Starting out, forget the magic, use Play-Doh or Plasticene, modeling Clay, whatever you can get. Steel is in it's Plastic state when it is heated, if you play with Play-Doh, it works identical to Steel except you can hold it in your hands. The rule of drawing something out (making it smaller and longer) is go Square, Octagonal, Round. 'SOR', if your material is square/rectangular, make it square, if your material is round, make it square. Our wrists can make a quarter turn, that makes two flats, top and bottom, equals 180 degrees. You will start by forging spirals, because your tong arm will tense up and lift, situation Normal. Pay Attention to what is going on and how the material is moving. The material will tell you what it can or cannot do, it is part of Learnin'.

To solve a big problem, break it down to small problems, take baby steps, there is no incorrect way.


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Welcome aboard. 

 I agree with what swedefiddle stated. I use clay a small hammer and a little block to figure out how to make unfamiliar things and work out the order of operations. I know it's hard to believe but clay moves just like steel. It just doesn't take as much force to move it. 

 Once again, welcome aboard, be safe, and remember it's supposed to be fun. 


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