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  1. Centaur has a 110# kanca for $635, that's 5.77/# if my math is correct. That might be what I go for when I have the money too.
  2. $700, I dont think I would even have a way to move an anvil that size.
  3. I really appreciate everyones input, and a lot of very reasonable advise as well. So, let me pose another question of you fine people's. What, in your opinions, would be a good all around anvil, for say under 700? I will probably never get into large projects, mostly just small to medium blacksmithing items, and knives, maybe a sword some day. Theres so many designs out there, and I am really only starting to learn anything. Any assistence would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I have thought of that, but I'm not sure if she would go for it. I will ask her about that but also offer her what I believe os a fair price for it. If she refuses either I'll just write it off and keep searching for something better than my little rail. Thats pretty much what I assume I'm going to have to do anyway, but if there's a chance I have to try.
  5. I do have a rail anvil at the moment, but that huge chunk of metal just sitting there makes me drool every time I see it. I know I can get something functional for a lot less, but just knowing its sitting there bugs me.
  6. I suppose I wasnt clear, my bad. No I want to buy it from her, but not for that much. I have asked her about it for years and been told she would never part with it basically. I dont have the money to buy a really nice one either.
  7. So, my girlfriends's mom has an anvil. Minimal swayback, painted, foster, rings well, 198lbs. She took it to an antiques dealer, and he told her it was worth 4k, and I may be new, but I know that is absolutely ridiculous. So if y'all don't mind what do you think would be reasonable?
  8. Howdy folks. New member, old lurker. Trying to learn and progress everyday. At the moment learning hooks. Looking forward to learning to be better at heating beating and treating.
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