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I was originally gathering tools over the years to start blacksmith as a hobby. I can see that is not going to happen so I have three anvils that I am looking for more information as I am would like to sell them.

1. Hay Budden that weighs 120 pounds (markings A25863 66)
2. Kohlswa that is 250 pounds.
3. Lake (?) that is 158 pounds

If any of you have any information on these and knowing a fair price would be helpful.

Photos available if that helps.

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I'm sure there is plenty demand for those anvils listed. More than likely, there is someone here on IFI thats lives close to you, and could give you info about selling them. Price also depends sometimes on where you live and availability of good anvils. I know of one fella up in Alaska that would love to stumble on an anvil or two for sale, right Frosty?

List your location by going to the user cp area, and updating your location. There may be a buyer within a few miles of you. Photo's are also helpful in evaluating condition and likely price you MAY realize.

Also, there has been numerous threads about equipment and prices paid, anvils included. Do a search and find the thread titled "True prices for anvils". A lot of good info to be had there.

Welcome to IFI, if you stay a while, you may want to keep those anvils.;)

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In this area of Wisconsin. two to two fifty a pound is about standard depending on condition and how badly someone wants or needs that particular anvil. One hint. Most smiths will hesitate at a painted anvil. Paint can hide a multitude of sins.

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What he said; freshly painted smithing equipment is a serious warn off and I would NEVER buy anthing painted that I had not closely inspected in person---so it cuts down on remote sales too.

As an example I have and anvil that had that sort of damage to it that actually had worse damage that an idiot had tried to fix by welding; but they were not a good welder thus making things worse. I was able to judge just how bad the anvil was and bought it anyway as it was 407# and I paid under 50 cents a pound. I recently was able to get it repaired by a highly skilled weldor who is also a great smith and did it right and now it's a great backup anvil to my large one.

If I had net been able to judge how thick the face plate was and how much damage it had I would not have bought it unless it was sold at scrap rate.

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The metal workers guild of minnesota wil be having a meeting just south of Hastings in a couple of weeks. I am sure someone there will be able to make an offer for them. You can check their web site for more info.

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