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Peddinghaus anvil new stump

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the original stump of my anvil was too big in diameter. uncomfortable to move and above all it did not allow me to be as near to the anvil as I like except by placing the anvil itself on the edge of it rather than in the center. so I decided to put it aside for now and use the old stump of my "ASO". I took two pieces of pallet frame and cut them copying the shape of the base of the anvil obtaining two stop blocks which I nailed to the center of the new stump. now I can move it more easily and can get closer to the anvil when I forge. it is perfectly stable and the anvil cannot move at all.

if you are interested here is the link to the video:

anvil stump thumb YT_800x409.jpg

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Forge some handles for the stump that can also be used as tool holders and remember to ALWAYS remove the anvil before picking up the stump with the handles!  (Had a couple of college students think they could save time during pack-up thinking they could carry the anvil and the stump at the same time---after being told to move them separately.  1 ER visit later....the anvil tipped the stump over; fell out of the mounting blocks; hit the concrete and then rolled over onto one of their feet.)

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Hi Thomas, first I thought to take the tool holders that I have on the bigger stump and nail them on the new one but I usually move the stump by rolling it on the dirt so the handles would prevent the rolling and the rolling would bend the handles... it seems quite confortable to me to use the stop blocks as handles when I need to pull the stump up or tilt it down.

about the anvil to be removed before moving the stump, no problem! I have to store the two pieces in different places and I use a little cart for the anvil.



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