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Best Written Material on Knife Forging?


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My recommendation are the books by Jim Hrisoulas....

-The Complete Bladesmith
-The Master Bladesmith
-Pattern Welded Steel

There are many other good references, both in books and on the net, but remember this....
Take everything you read, and everything your told, with a grain of salt, until you prove or disprove it for yourself. There are many subtleties in the art of Bladesmithing, and not everything works the same for everyone. Sometimes what might seem like very minor details, that might be left out of a printed text or even a verbal conversation, can make all the difference. That is why I mentioned taking things with a grain of salt.
The biggest head start you can give yourself is to take some classes from an established Bladesmith. Working hand in hand with a knowledgeable individual will literally cut years off the learning curve.

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