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first knife

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^ see?:lol:


Well done for a first attempt. The more you do, the more you'll pick up and figure out what makes it easier and with better results. Take your time and dont get frustrated easily...

In the army, one of my senior drill sergeant instructors told me something that I'll never forget.

"Strive for perfection... but accept completion."

His intent was that it'll never be perfect, but work for it, towards it as your goal. Accepting completion meant to be good with getting the job done correctly. He explained to us that in completing it- we made the goal. That by getting caught up in having to have it perfect- can cause you to never get it done at all.

Remember that cleaver I posted? One step closer....


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14 hours ago, JHCC said:

Bit by bit, and grit by grit.


^ he's right you know!:D

I used to do alot of body work on cars, so I like to use an air powered DA sander. I start out with 220 grit paper, then go to 320, 600, and finally 800 grit paper. Then I take it to a cloth buffing wheel on a 6" bench grinder with polishing rouge for final polish.

Ran out of 600 and 800... so that one got hand polished with 1500 paper before the wheel.

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