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Painting galvanized pipe?

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I need to redo my chimney. I can only find galvanized pipe for it in the size i need. My question is can i paint it to make it safe? I would just chuck it into a vinegar bath but have nothing large enough fo a 6' x 10" pipe. So i was thinking high temp paint. I can get 1200 degree paint but i do not know if that would seal it well enough to keep the fumes down. Thoughts are much welcome.

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How hot does your chimney get? I've never seen a coal or charcoal hood stack get hot enough to burn zinc, it'd be glowing near orange hot. 

Sure you can paint it, stove paint works a treat and our wood stove gets close to 300f when it's really rolling. Header paint comes in lots of cool colors and it's good to probably 500+f.

No problem with the vinegar soak, find something that fits inside the pipe and leaves an inch or two space. Carefully fold a BIG plastic bag over the inside spacer thingy and insert it in the stove pipe. Being VERY careful NOT TO CUT the bag. Yes? Now fold the remainder of the bag up over the outside of the stove pipe adjust till the inside and outside have about the same amount of plastic bag. Fill the plastic bag with vinegar, standing on end of course and in a plastic tub too catch the vinegar in case you did cut the bag. 

The giant lawn and leaf bags might give you 3' and cover the whole length.

Another alternative is to wrap the pipe in a old towel and wet with vinegar to soak. It'd be a little harder on the inside but you can do it one side at a time and just lay the towel in it.

Make sense?

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks Frosty. 

The pipe does not get glowing hot but it is hot to the touch. I am really only worried about the section attached to the hood. 

This is another one of those smack my head moments. So simple i can not believe i did not think of the plastic bag. But like my DI used to say "the only stupid question is one not asked." Sometimes it takes someone else to point out the simplest solution you have overlooked. One of those bags you use for the Christmas tree would work perfect i think. 

Headed to the car parts store for header paint. That is a good idea with the different colors. I was thinking that paint you use on a grill but only comes in black around these parts. 

Thanks again, maybe i am just overly worried but it is better to err on the side of caution with such things. 

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