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So when we first bought our house my grandpa came over to see it and me and him were chopping wood with an old ax that came with the house well anyway the ax head broke off and so we just left it there. I just remembered about it so took my metal detector and found it 6 inches under ground I was able to remove the rotten wood handle still left in it and now I plan to turn it into a hatchet or reforge it into a battle ax

It's been sitting in the dirt for 6 years. Is it still good?

Any suggestions?

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Post a pic, let's see it.

My little brother has made a hobby out of finding old axe heads and restoring/rehandling them. You'd be amazed at what you can do with one. As long as the eye (my term), or the opening for the handle- is structurally sound... I'd clean it up and keep it an axe. New handle, and you have the use of your granddad's axe.

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Nope not grandpa's axe; just one that came with that house.   Time in the ground won't affect the temper or carbon content so as long as it was in good shape---no cracks or distempered in a fire---when it went into the ground and hasn't corroded past usability while it was in the ground; it should be fine.

I've picked up several tools that way or as I tell it; married my wife to get the 16# crosspeen sledge in her shed and paid US$50K for a rivet forge once; of course they threw in a 4 bedroom house in on the deal!

If it was a good quality Axe; I'd keep it as one. If just so-so modify it as you will!  I will note that keeping the eye sized for commercially available handles makes re-handling a lot faster and easier over time.

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