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2.5 tube to air gate


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Building a forced air burner.  Blower output is 3”.  Tube feeding air with gas introduction is 2.5” flexible exhaust tube.  I bought an air blast gate to control air flow volume and need to connect it in.   And I’m not finding 2.5” flexible rubber tubing connectors to put gate in.   Big box has 3” and 2”.  Gonna see if auto parts stores have a 2.5 water hose I can cut 4” sections from to use.   You guys have a suggestion of a suitable source of material?    Blast gate doesn’t seem to have a lot of length on connectors.  Also going to check the shop vac section to see if something there is suitable.

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What is the smallest burner tube diameter and how many burners/ports? There is little point in jumping through hoops to get a blast gate in a 3” line if you are going to be reducing to a 1 1/2” burner with only a quarter of the area further down the line.

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