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Blower Maintenance

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I recently picked up a Champion 400 blower and forge, whole, and in pretty decent shape. I don't really want to use it until I know its checked and oiled properly, but I'm not sure how to do that, or what oil to use.

Is there a thread around here I haven't found yet that covers this?

Or can someone explain this?

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If the blower is grunged up you can clean it with solvent.

Some tightening or other maint may be called for and never having done any I'll pass on advice.

If the blower turns smoothly a few drops of straight weight motor oil in the oil ports on top every few hours is what's called for. Don't try filling the case with oil, it'll just leak out. Don't use heavy weight oil, it won't sling properly and leave parts unlubricated. 30w non-detergent would be perfect but plain 30w is fine. Multi-viscosity is fine too. These are not heavy service machines so you don't need anything special.


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