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Another anvil age question

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I would like to know who made this anvil I have and when, can anyone help?
On the right side the image of a horseshoe is struck, inside the shoe appears "trade mark". Above the shoe is the word "american", below the shoe the word "wrought" and below that 114. That is the weight exactly, 114 lbs on a bathroom scale.

The upside down horseshoe is around the words "trade mark".
Any ideas? Thanks. Dan:)
The serial number 2274 is struck into the right front foot.

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I'd like to jump in on this thread as well (not trying to commandeer it though). Mine has the word AMERICAN shaped as an oval, but no other legible markings. It also has handling holes in the front and rear of the base as well as the waist. It is 125 - 150 pounds. Were these made by American stake and anvil company?


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In the ID Farrier's anvil thread 1860cooper was able to bring the marking out in bold contrast with Photoshop.

His directions were take pictures using low angle multi-spectrum lighting from opposing directions. for example, sunlight from one side and incandescent from the other. Lastly let him know what file format your camera uses.

Nice anvil Andy.


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American wrought anvil company, Brooklyn NY. Sold under the brand name "American".

"American" and often "American wrought" is stamped in the side. Flat bottoms and 4 handling holes are found. none were recorded with a serial#

Approx. manufacturing years 1899-1910/11.

Company founder Mr. Walter F. Ring. was likely the secretary and treasurer for some amount of time for the Hay-Budden manufacturing company prior to 1899.

Compliments of Richard A. Postman. Anvils in America.

PS. High quality.

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Thanks for the info! I am trying to get pics on here but I cant get them off this cheapo camera onto my computer. I'm working on it.
My anvil is definitely a high quality anvil with great rebound and a long horn. It DOES have a serial number on its right front foot, the only discrepancy with your description.
The only info I was able to come up with in this anvil in the past by searching the web is a mention that they were sold through Montgomery Ward around 1910. Maybe an old monkey wards catalog could tell me more.

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